About V. F. Warner and Associates
Volney F. Warner & Associates (VFW), is a Washington-based service-disabled veteran-owned small business with over 30 years of success in matching domestic and international firms and products with U.S. Government requirements. As technology brokers, the company developed a proven approach to establishing business relationships ranging from international cooperative research and development activities to joint ventures, licensing and co-production of major end items. In this environment, VFW has a track record of assembling teams to assess technical solutions, preparing proposals, conducting cost and trade-off studies, and operating Contractor Logistical Support (CLS) activities. Although much of the company's work is directly related to Defense, the company's contacts, know-how, and processes are pertinent to the wider spectrum of federal government-related business and in the marketing of commercial products overseas.

VFW achieves results by establishing and maintaining an active interface with the primary U.S. Government "user" agencies (military and non-military), and contributing ideas which shape requirements. The company continually interacts with Material Developers in the Army Materiel Command and key Program Executive Officers and has established close coordination with program decision authorities within the DoD/Pentagon acquisition community.
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